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LR3 & RRS heater core issues

heater core

We here at JC’s British & 4×4 have started to see a trend regarding heating issues on LR3s and Range Rover Sports. This trend has been an issue with heater core blockage and uneven heat coming from the vents. Oddly as the blockage increases it does not evenly reduce the heater core temps from all vents, but lowers the Driver’s side temps dramatically while the passenger side appears to be unaffected.

This problem leads many shops and technicians toward replacing the control servos, which in most cases solves nothing.

To replace the heater core is a very large and time consuming job, the entire dash assembly has to be removed.

We have had some success power flushing the heater core with our Gates Power Flush cooling tool. This is a process we would highly recommend before a noticeable clog/heating issue is present, perhaps at your 60k or 75k maintenance service, or when you are getting other cooling system repairs.

heater core

For a more in depth article on this issue visit JE Robinson Service article here

Pictures courtesy of JE Robinson Service.


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