Warning Lights

Warning Light | JC's British & 4x4

Warning lights can come on for a multitude of reasons, and while you may not notice a problem it is always smart to have them checked out as soon as possible.

As each generation of vehicle comes out there are more and more warning lights that could come on, not necessarily because there are more things to go wrong, but that more existing systems are being monitored by the vehicles computers.

Warning lamp status is broken down into three categories:

  1. Red Warning lights: Primary warning, must be investigated immediately.
  2. Amber Warning lights: Secondary warning, some indicate a system is in operation, others indicate seek assistance as soon as possible.
    1. NOTE: A flashing CEL (Check engine light) indicates the vehicle should not be driven, as further damage may occur.
  3. Green & Blue lights: Are status indicators – i.e. Directionals, Headlights, etc.
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