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Land Rover & Jaguar Engine & Drivetrain Repair in Denver

Engine & Drivetrain | JC's British & 4x4

Engine Work

Your engine is the heart and soul of your vehicle. And we are here to keep her ticking away nicely. Being specialists in the field, we know how best to maintain and repair your vehicle. From regularly scheduled maintenance and minor repairs to larger jobs that may entail major disassembly or removal of your engine. Don’t wait for a Check Engine Light to come on if you’re feeling something is not running right or there is a strange smell, some issues may not trigger the light.

Engine & Drivetrain | JC's British & 4x4


Your drivetrain consists of the Engine, Transmission, Transfer case, Driveshafts, Differentials (front & rear), axle shafts, and hubs. These all need to work in unison to “put the power to the road”.Simply put: The engine creates the power, the transmission shifts gears for various speeds, the transfer case splits the output to the front & rear, and the differentials split the output side to side. The driveshafts & axle shafts are couplings between the transfer case, differentials, and hubs. Hubs are what hold your brake rotors and wheels to the vehicle.

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