Brakes & Suspension


Brakes | JC's British & 4x4

Brakes are the number one safety item on your vehicle, for you and those around you. In a panic stop situation there is little more assuring than hitting the brake pedal and having your vehicle stop quickly and securely with no unusual steering feedback, and little more fearsome than that same situation and questioning if your vehicle will stop while the steering wheel shakes in your hands or the vehicle pulls right or left. Brakes have evolved to include many other systems: ABS (Antilock braking), TC (Traction Control), DSC (Dynamic Stability Control), and who knows what’s next. That is why we here at JC’s British only use high quality brakes from well-established suppliers. Many of these suppliers have also worked hard to engineer products that will give you better service life and reduced noise in comparison to the OE components.


Brakes | JC's British & 4x4

Your suspension is what isolates the bumper and dips in the road from your seat, controls body roll when cornering, and fore/aft movement under braking and acceleration. Suspension wear is often not noticed by the driver as it is often a slow degradation of the bushings and joints in the suspension over many thousands of miles. We know what to look for to keep your suspension in good form, ensuring comfortable and safe driving. Air suspension systems add another level of comfort, and complexity. We are experts in understanding the systems used, how to maintain, diagnose and repair them. Routine inspections and maintenance can keep your vehicle performing like new, maximize tire life, and avoid inopportune failures.

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