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Shop Info and Tech Tips – Oct 2015

Shop Info


Our new website has only been up a month or so now, we hope you find it useful and well laid out.

The magazine issue for Perterson’s 4 Wheel & Off-Road’s, Ultimate Adventure 2015 has come out on the newsstands. And I’m very happy with the coverage our Rover has gotten. Jeff is one of 6 magazine readers invited to this event, and the 1st Land Rover invited since the adventures inception in 1999.

JC’s is continuing to expand, in September we have added two new employees.

Trish Brown is our new front desk Service Advisor; she comes to us from Las Vegas where she was a service advisor and manager for Kensington Motor Cars, a Rover and British specialty shop.

Nathan McGraw has joined our team of technicians; he is an ASE certified technician hailing from Colorado Springs with many years of general auto repair and service work experience. He is working towards his ASE Master certification, and has recently become a Land Rover owner as well.

Jeff and our apprentice tech Stephen have also just returned from the Western National Land Rover Rally in Arizona. We started our week with a 3 day pre-rally back country adventure with Bill Burke traveling from Superior AZ to Cottonwood AZ following part of the Great Western Trail. We then enjoyed the remainder of the week on various trails striking out for the WNLRR base camp. The rally was very well attended with 140 vehicles, including a special raffle Discovery built by the club and many sponsors.

Tech Tips

Winter is now upon us, and the fall colors are showing. The brisk morning air and moderate daytime highs make this a great time to travel and see all that Colorado has to offer.

Let’s talk a little on the topic of vehicle fluids, as much has changed over the last decade or so on what is used and why.

  • Engine Oil: Has changed tremendously over the years, from mineral oil bases to synthetics, and the additive packages (special chemicals) used for enhanced protection, longevity, and reduced engine deposits have all been engineered to meet very specific manufacturers requirements. All this leads to situations where the type of oil being used is critical to your engine, especially on late model direct injected engines and those with variable camshaft timing.
  • Transmission fluid: Has changed and evolved in much the same way as engine oil. So much so that most vehicles have done away with a dipstick (I’m sure there are many reasons), so that only trained technicians can check fluid levels and service the units.
  • Transfer-case & Differential oils: These have gone to mostly synthetic fluids with special additive packages as well, partially to extend service intervals and partially due to newer technology being used (electronically controlled clutch packs to name but one).
    Have a happy and safe winter,

Jeffrey Corwin


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