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Shop Info and Tech Tips – Oct 05

Land Rovers


I’ve learned a lot in the last 6 months, about running a business and about what happens to Land Rovers outside the dealership. I’ve seen problems that were never encountered in my 5 years at the dealership. But between my Rovacom scan tool, wiring schematics and technical training books, these problems have been diagnosed and repaired.

As many people may know already, Range Rover Classic parts have been discontinued through the dealerships. But there are sources for factory and aftermarket parts for just about anything your vehicle may need, unfortunately they are usually not available in town and require additional time and shipping costs. This does not usually concern many engine or drivetrain parts though.

Tech Tips

While oil leaks are common with rovers, and they should eventually be addressed, I suggest that your engine should be steam cleaned every year or so. This is for a number of reasons.

  1. Oil leaks collect dust and debris, which could eventually affect hoses, electrical wiring or bushings. (Front swaybar frame bushing are usually the first affected due to their location)
  2. It makes it easier to track the severity of any leaks, or confirm new ones.
  3. And of course for me, it’s nicer to work on a clean engine

Check you tire pressure often – at least every month. And if you use a shop to check/adjust your tire pressure, make sure they know what to set the pressure to. I’ve seen too many vehicles with the tires aired up to their max rating – This is wrong!

As were approaching fall and winter, make sure to have your antifreeze checked to ensure it will protect your engine during the cold nights. Over time antifreeze may loose its ability to resist freezing, it should test good to -34deg F.
Also make sure to check your tires tread, while 3/32” is the minimum you should ever allow the tire to wear till, that little tread depth leaves little for the tire to work with in heavy rain or snow. Did you know that all tires have a tread wear indicator built right into them? If you look closely between the tread along the grooves you will see small raised sections – these are your minimum tread wear bars. If they are even with your tires tread, then you should have the tires replaced soon.

While we’re on the topic of seasons and weather, the ignition system can be affected buy the weather also. Spark plug wires degrade over time, and often the first signs are rough running on startup on a humid (dew covered ground) morning, or when raining out. The moisture makes it easier for the electrical spark traveling through the plug wire to transfer through the degraded insulation and to somewhere else – possibly the valve cover, or even another plug wire. It’s often recommended to change out your wires every 90k miles or so.

Jeffrey Corwin


Shop Info
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