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Making Customer & Employee Health a Top Priority with Ozone Disinfectants

Making Customer & Employee Health a Top Priority with Ozone Disinfectants


Ozone generator in D90In an effort to combat the virus, JC’s British & 4x4 is using Ozone Disinfectants to sanitize vehicles and our buildings.

Customer and employee safety is our top priority and we want to ensure that we are all safe. So, we are offering ozone disinfectant services to customers who are concerned with their vehicles.

Come in and have a cup of coffee while we disinfect the entire inside of your vehicle. This service takes only 15 minutes of running the ozone generator in your vehicle.

Our facilities are treated nightly with a two hour run time of our larger ozone generators.

We still use hand sanitizers and spray disinfectants for spot treatment throughout the day as ozone can only be used in unoccupied spaces.

Given what we have been told as to how easily COVID-19 can be spread it is crucial to disinfect areas that you frequently come into contact with - which includes your vehicle. 

The ozone disinfectant is a very powerful disinfectant that has proven to be substantially more effective than regular disinfectants.

Ozone is an unstable gas that readily degrades to diatomic oxygen with the formation of free oxygen atoms. The free oxygen atoms have the ability to oxidize almost anything - including viruses, bacteria, and organic/inorganic compounds. An oxygen molecule that ozone generates interacts with microbes (including viruses) in a way that destroys them. This makes ozone an extremely powerful disinfectant and oxidizer; it only takes about 15 minutes to sanitize the entire interior of a vehicle. These machines not only take out all of the germs in a vehicle; they also rid a vehicle of odor.

Ozone disinfectants are a much more effective oxidizer compared to other common disinfectants such as hypochlorite and chlorine. In contrast to regular disinfectants, ozone disinfectant does not produce any harmful residues, which also makes it eco-friendly. 

*Some information and wording have been taken from other sources and the use within is not intended to plagiarize but to share this information accurately* 


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